17-18 December

This weekend is all about including your body… to be more aware of and to open up to the gift that your body can be. What does your body know?

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In the words of Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, if you really want to have a greater awareness of the world, you have to also have your body included in that. So many people, especially in the metaphysical communities, have disconnected from their body and it’s only about their spirit. But the reality is, the body and spirit work together to create everything that appears on the planet. So, if you really want to create a greater world, you have to do it with your body, not outside of your body. Not in opposition of your body but with your body.

What kind of awareness could you have that would create something greater than you have ever had before in all areas of your life?

Your body is the one that needs money, your body is the one that eats food, your body is the one that needs shelter, your body is the one that determines where you want to live.  If we had a greater awareness of and worked together with our body, we could create not only a greater aspect for us, but a greater world for everyone.

Welcome to Body Awareness Weekend…

  • the Beginning of a Greater World for Everyone and
  • a weekend celebrating BODIES and the Access Consciousness Body Classes, Processes, and Tools.

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“Let the bodies know what a gift they are and they will be a gift to you.”



My body is curious!
  • After the advanced body class with Gary, I allowed everything to be contribution to me and my body. A totally different world! And awareness after awareness lightens up my universe. Humongous gratitude to Gary and all the people at the advanced body class and all others who choose to be and create what they always knew was possible!

    Susanna, Sweden
  • After first learning and receiving one of the Access Body Processes, nothing changed after 1 or 2 times of running it, so I “thought” it won’t work on me and I forgot about it. A few weeks later, the mole fell off in the shower with no blood, no scar or anything. Hmmmm was it when I wasn’t attached to how it showed up that I could actually receive the energies?

  • After using the body body processes for hypothyroidism…On Wed Oct 22nd I met with my family physician to discuss the results of my blood tests, monitoring my TSH levels. My doctor effectively reduced my thyroid medication by 1/2 (from 100 mcg to 50 mcg)!!!! Dec, my TSH level was 0.38 and Oct 2014 it went down to 0.11, after 4 weeks of using the thyroid anomaly process. I attribute this change to the beauty and magic of Access Consciousness. I feel super excited and inspired to learn more and teach others.

  • These classes have taken me from being at war with my body to finally having a huge sense of peace BEING IN my body. As if that wasn’t enough I am so much more capable and open to receiving as well, which shows up in every area of my life, not just the energy I can feel in my body.

  • When I came to (the evening) body class with Kacie, I had a terrible pain in my heel. My class mate worked on it and there was a piercing pain in my heel, a tingling, and now I can’t believe it but I have no pain in my heel at all!

    Eileen, Podiatrist, Ireland
  • He reported better and more sustained energy and that his breathing has considerably improved. In one session! Both he and I are very happy! These body processes are just brilliant.


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