There are so many tools in Access Consciousness that sometimes it can be interesting to know what to use and when! There are tools to change your money situation, tools to change your relationships, tools to change your mood, etc. And then there is the magic of the Access Body Processes! The Access Body Processes are like nothing else out there … inviting you and your body to possibilities you didn’t know you had. And best of all, they’re practical, easy and anyone can do them!

Here are 3 of the Access Body Processes I Use Every Day!

  • ZERO SUM OF TRAUMA – When my four year old falls, or gets hurt, we do “magic” on his ouch-y. All I have to do is place my hands on his body and ask for Zero Sum of Trauma to run with Cellular Memory and within minutes – he’s all better! He gets happy and I get to be a supermom! He’s now learning to do it on his friend’s bodies when they fall or get hurt and he knows that healing can occur with total ease.
  • MTVSS – What if there is an easier, gentler way to create your body? In this reality most people think they need to workout at least 3 days a week and eat 2,000 calories or less or diet to lose weight. Or drink energy drinks to have energy instead of asking a question like  “What if something else is possible?” If I’m feeling low on energy, I just ask for MTVSS to turn on and run. If I’m working out or want to create a shape shift in my body I ask MTVSS to run on “turbo” charge when I’m walking, going up stairs or when I’m moving my body or at the gym! It’s like a magic wand for bodies! And, once you’ve received the process your body knows it and can turn it on by your very request!
  • MOLECULAR DE-MANIFESTATION & DE-MOLECULAR MANIFESTATION With all the news out there about all the chemicals in food, pollution in our drinking water, it can seem that everything could kill you! There’s a miraculous little process called Molecular De-manifestation and De-Molecular Manifestation and it’s deigned to change the molecules of whatever you desire … your water, your food, what’s in your body and more. It can make food taste better, it can eliminate toxins, it can literally change … anything! Like magic! You ask it to run, and it does!  But you wouldn’t want to know it was that easy would you?

All of these processes are taught in the Foundation Class or in the 3-Day Access Body Class…. and these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the breadth of Access Body Processes! Learn more about all of the Body Classes in Access here!